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HVL Group

Bel-Ray Specialised Lubricants

Bel-Ray specialised mining lubricants are formulated to deliver cost effective lubrication to specialised applications such as where components are subject to extreme loads and high temperature applications. Through advanced formulation and composition Bel-Ray have developed lubricants which have proven to operate at reduced consumption, maximising component life and reduced overall operational costs.

Bel-Rays extensive range of products are formulated to deliver:

  • Low consumption, reduced lubricant usage and associated maintenance & housekeeping¬† costs
  • Extended component life through innovative lubrication properties
  • Extended oil drain intervals, totally soluble additive packs resulting in effective filtration to 1 micron
  • Specialised lubricants for extreme load & high temperature applications

With a range for any lubrication eventuation, the Bel-Ray Specialized lubricant range includes an extensive range of open gear lubricants, rope & cable lubricants, heavy duty gear oils, biodegradable lubricants, cam compounds anti leak gear oils, chain lubricants and rust preventative products.

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